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Let’s face it; our natural coral reefs are in a state of decline. This is due to many different causes but a prevalent one is the over harvesting of corals for the marine hobby. That is one of the reasons I recommend you buy aquacultured corals whenever possible. I am trying to do my part by making it both convenient and affordable for you to purchase corals that are not being taken from our already troubled reefs. All the corals we offer are at the very minimum at least one generation in captivity and most are several generations and far removed from natural reef harvests. This not only helps the environment but it’s a known fact that captive produced corals generally have a much higher rate of survival in an aquarium setting.

At Coral Master we specialize in “SPS”, small polyp scleractinian, (stoney) corals and have a great selection available from the rare & exotic “harder to keep” to the beginner “easy to keep” and everything in between at very competitive prices. I also have many different types of corals available be it “softies” such as (Zoas’ Mushrooms, Leathers, Xenia, GSP etc.) & “LPS,” large polyp “stoney”, (frogspawns, etc.) If you don’t see a coral that you are looking for please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll see if we can make it available.

I have a very good reputation in the industry and have many very satisfied customers all across Canada. Please check my “testimonials” page so you can see what people are saying about me and their frag purchases. I am the only one in Canada to offer an “Arrive Alive – Remain Alive 10 Day Guarantee” and in the unlikely event there is a problem I do not charge you to ship your replacement piece. I believe my one of a kind guarantee shows the great confidence I have in both my product and in you as a customer and hobbyist. My experience, knowledge, pricing, selection and excellent guarantee prove that I am your best source for quality aquacultured corals. Coral Master has truly raised the bar and set a new standard for purchasing frags online.

Thank you for your interest. I appreciate your business and look forward to our long ongoing relationship.

Greg Timms

"Hi, I'm Greg from Coral Master. We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I have been actively involved with coral propagation for several years. This picture is of my own SPS dominated reef tank grown mainly from frags. As you can see I am passionate about this great hobby and very serious about my corals. I take a lot of pride in what I do and this carries over into my frag propagation. My goal is to make great aquacultered frags available at a very reasonable price. As a hobbyist my tank has been featured on websites in Canada, United States & Europe. I have done my best to make your visit to my webpage as convenient & user friendly as possible. Whether you want to get right down to business, just want some information and useful links related to the hobby, or even just want to look at some cool pictures, it's all here. If you would like to find out more about my tanks, please click here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me."
Greg Timms, Owner of Coral Master
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