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Acclimation Procedure

These instructions must be followed to ensure your corals stay healthy and for my guarantee to remain in force. Failure to do so will void the guarantee.

Guarantee valid for pick ups & next day delivery only.

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase! You have selected high quality corals that will bring you many hours of enjoyment in this wonderful hobby.

1 Place the frags still in the original bag in your system, preferably the sump, for a minimum of 30 minutes to bring them up to temperature but no longer than 45 minutes.
2 Once the water temperature is the same as your system unpack the frags and place them on the floor of the aquarium where they will get good random flow & the light is lower so the coral does not go into shock.
3 After 5 -10 days gradually move corals into a place in the aquarium where they will receive optimum random flow and good lighting and fasten into place.
4 Do not remove coral from the original plug when mounting into your reef.
5 Using any type of coral dip other than CORAL RX (as recommended). WILL VOID THE GUARANTEE as they can cause extra stress to the coral.
6 Pictures of any problem frags must be sent to Coral Master within 11 days from the date the shipment was received.
7 Water parameters must be optimal, including a low nitrate and phosphate reading.

NOTE:Shipping can be very stressful to the coral and browning during shipment or afterward is normal. Coral color is no way part of the "stay alive" guarantee. The coral will return to its original color in time. Bright colors are not sign of health. If a coral turns brown it means it has been replenishing zooxanthellae (symbiotic algae it feeds on) and once stable it will begin to expel the extra zooxanthellae volume which will then allow the coral to return to its regular color.

Download a printable pdf of these instructions (44Kb).


Customer Testimonials

"Greg definitely has a "Master's" variety of SPS. His system looks like a rainbow. Frags are mounted nicely and he even performed some on the spot clip and mount for me from some of the colonies that I saw and wanted that he did not have prepared (but only because he had just sold them, not because he is low in stock). When I manage to build my savings back up I will be back for more Greg! I had full polyp extension within literally 30 seconds - 2 minutes after putting the frags into my own system with my lights off, and this morning they are extended just as long (about 3-4 mm polyps on a 1-2" frag). Thank you very much for the fantastic deals, Coral Master!"

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