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Main Display - 400 gallon, 96" Wide x 36" Deep x 27" High.

Previous Main Display - 130 gallon ½" glass euro-braced, 72" Wide x 18" Deep x 24" High.

Main Display Tank - 400 gallon corner view

Water Parameters:
• Specific gravity: 1.026
• pH: 8.1 - 8.4
• Calcium: 435 ppm
• Alkalinity: 8 - 8.5 dKH
• Magnesium: 1350 - 1400 ppm
• Temperature: 77 - 80°F



System Profile:
The main display, soft coral and frag tanks are all plumbed to a common sump giving a total system volume of approximately 700 gallons.

• Display tank: (approximately) 400 gallon 12 MM Starphire tempered glass front & 5/8 float glass with euro-bracing 96” wide x 36” deep x 27” high
• Soft coral tank: 130- gallon - 72” wide x 18” deep x 24” high
• Frag prop tank: 40-gallon euro-braced
• Sump: 125-gallon glass
• Skimmer: Euro-Reef RC500, skimmer pumps: three Eheim 1262
• Controller: Profilux Pro II with doser
• Chiller: Aqua Medic AT5000
• Filters: two 100 micron pre-filter socks attached to overflow pipe and on the chiller return to improve water clarity and bubble control
• RO/DI: BSR Jumbo 300 GPD TDS Spartan
• Reservoirs: 45-gallon (freshwater) 50-gallon (saltwater)
• Auto top-off: Tunze Ozmolator
• Reactors: two Phosban reactors with Rowaphos
• Lighting: Aqua Medic “Sexy” Ocean Light (2 x 150-watt & 3 x 250-watt), two 48” 54-watt 6 bulb Tek Light fixtures - 130-gallon lighting: Coralife 150-watt metal halide fixture
• Bulbs: Pheonix - three 250-watt 10K & two 150-watt 20K. The twelve T5 bulbs are a mix of Fiji Purple, 10K & Reef Blues.
• Water circulation: Reeflow Dart (return), Reeflow Hammerhead (closed loop), Ocean Runner 6500 (return for soft coral & frag tank), four Vortech MP40W with EcoMarine battery backup, Tunze Turbelle Stream - one 6000 & one 6100 with Tunze 7095 Multi Controller (with single white LED moon phase light)


Routine Maintenance:
• Skimmer - empty & clean twice a week
• Pre-Filter bags - change twice a week
• Carbon - change out monthly (media bag runs through an Aquaclear filter in the refugium)
• Water Changes - 10-15% monthly
• Prune & frag corals - as needed


The lighting is a mix of HQI metal halide and T5 bulbs. Across the front half of the tank are four double-ended 250-watt 14000 Kelvin bulbs and two double-ended 150-watt 20000 Kelvin bulbs. End to end across the back half are two 48 inch T5 fixtures for a total of a dozen 54 watt bulbs with a mix of 10000 Kelvin along with blues & Fiji purple. With the above combination of lights I get some good color pop with the corals and fish, reasonable PAR with good growth and because of the halides I still get that natural looking light shimmer through the water.

Lighting Schedule for Main Display:
• 9:30AM-11:00PM: actinic T-5
• 9:45AM-10:30PM: 150-watt 20K metal halides
• 11:00AM-9:45PM: remaining T-5
• 12:30PM-9:30PM: 250-watt 14K metal halides

Lighting Schedule for Softie Tank:
• 9:00AM-11:00PM: actinics
• 12:00AM-9:00PM: metal halides

Lighting Schedule for Frag Tank:
• 9:00AM-8:00PM


Feeding Schedule:
Feeding is provided on a daily basis, generally twice per day, and food is alternated to give their diet a variety of flakes, pellets, brine (super) shrimp, mysis shrimp, cyclopeze and "nori" seaweed. I also mix in some "Reef-roids" or similar product, on occasion to provide some extra food for the corals.

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