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Coral Master would like to thank all of their customers who have taken the time to write feedback about their shopping experience with us. We appreciate all of your kind words and look forward to serving you in the future. Once again thank you very much. Here is what customers are saying:

I ordered a Custom Frag Pack from Greg, and I am so impressed with what I recieved. I am a newbie to the reef world (no corals in my tank before I recieved my order), and wasn't sure where to start. Greg put together a Custom Frag Package for me at an amazing price, and even organized sending my order as a group order so I was able to take advantage of free shipping. When the corals arrived, the bags were all labeled with very clear instructions on where to place them in the tank, which was SO appreciated. I definately recieved more than I paid for, and my expectations were exceeded. The color of the corals are absolutely stunning, and they all arrived healthy and in great condition thanks to Greg's wonderful packaging job. Do not hesistate to order, I will be ordering again in the future! Thanks Greg! Kaylee, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Simply Amazing, IMO the only place to get SPS in Calgary!
Great guy, very knowledgeable, helpful to us and will do buisness again.
Bought 10 SPS frags. Excellent quality and price. Highly recommended!
Great frags, and a great guy to deal with.
Once again perfect frags, great deal! The last rating should have been 10 out of 10 too!
A huge thanks to Greg for the awesome deal.
Fantastic to do business with. Greg is polite, professional, friendly. Quality frags!
Great frags...highly reccomended! Thanks.
Absolutely outstanding!
Great frags, great guy! Will do business again... when I get more money!
Once again, simply amazing!
Looking foward to doing business with Coral Master again!
A true asset to reefing. Don't hesitate to use this seller. A perfect 10!
Excellent person to deal with.
Absolutely love the frags Greg, thanks so much and I look forward to more!
Phenomenal peices, great prices, and beautiful tank to boot! Thanks again!
Just a pleasure and top quality frags won't be my last time dealing with Greg.
Awesome collection, friendly service, best corals I've found...highly recommend.
Awesome Guy, Awesome Frags!
Great person to deal with. Frags were very well packed.
Quick and easy pick up, beautiful frags, and really pleasant to deal with.
Bought many frags off Greg - always incredible!
I picked up some stuff on the weekend, and as usual the sizes are large, colors are great, and all the polyps were out within an hour of entering my tank. Can't ever go wrong with anything from Greg.
I've visited Greg a few times. Not only does he have one of the nicest tanks in Calgary IMHO he is one of the friendliest most honest people you could ever want to buy coral from.
I have been lucky to be able to pick up some fantastic pieces from Greg at great prices. He is very nice and can even be a very "generous giving" kind of person. The peices are very healthy with great polyp extension and color. Even without that, his stay alive policy would keep me at ease. Visiting him was not only beneficial in the sense that i got some nice frags, but also in a way inspirational to see the different options that I can take. I recommend getting frags from Greg for beginners and experienced reefkeepers alike. He will work with you in choosing what is appropriate and won't trick you and works with your schedule as well. No pressure to over buy but great service. I am a repeat customer and intend to stay that way. Thanks Greg!
Thanks Greg! Great corals, great service!! That Humilis is just what I've been looking for too. Purolator worked out perfectly, bag water was even 27°C when it arrived!
I bought some corals from Greg earlier this week. Great corals, great price and selection. Greg is willing to answer any questions and is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for SPS corals.
I have only had the opportunity to visit Greg once, and I can say his tanks are stupendous, his prices are excellent, and his patience is quite unlimited when answering questions from a newbie to saltwater. I ended up spending $100 while receiving corals and macro algaes that I know were worth more than that.
I bought about 9 or 10 SPS frags from Greg and I am very pleased with what i got. Nice size, stunning colors and shipping was easy peasy! I was really surprised with the colors when I took them out of the bag and put them into my tank because normally I am used to having browniporas for a couple weeks, but not with Gregs frags! Absolutely beautiful. A++. Will definitely buy again from him.. don't hesitate people!!
I also want to pass along a very positive rating for Greg. I had been looking to purchase my first SPS frags and he was able to put together a "beginner SPS pack" at a great price for me. Once all was set, he shipped me the order which was very well packed, everything was in individual bags and clearly labeled, a big plus for an SPS newbie. All the frags look exellent and seem to be adapting well to my tank. Another very happy customer who won't hesitate to order again in the future. Thaks again Greg!
I know I posted last time I purchased from Greg but I have to say, if you your looking for SPS in Calgary (or anywhere shipping goes IMO) it has to be from the Coral Master. Not only did I receive a cornucopia of AMAZING pieces at AMAZING prices, but what I was really amazed at, was the knowledge that Greg is able to supply! From the newest reefer to people who have been doing this for a life time, either way you are going to learn something when you walk down into his basement. Unfortunately I'm going to be absent from the Calgary reef meet but for the 25+ people going, I know for a fact your going to enjoy your time there.
5 Star review Greg keep up the good work!
Awesome frags! Greg, thanks so much for the frag pack I picked up from you. Colors are awesome and they made the trip home flawlessly. My wife is also thrilled with the great choices you made for me.
Greg you sent us home with some excellent corals and what a smokin' deal we got. Everything opened up as soon as they were put in our tank.
Greg has awesome frags and service.
Just visited Greg's place today. We were really appreciative that even though he was short on time and it was Mother's Day he still let us come over to drool ...I mean look ... at his beautiful tanks. We picked up 9 frags for an awesome deal and we shall definitely return! Thanks so much Greg!!
Well, here is my first post ever on Canreef and it goes to Greg for the great buying experience I received when I decided I wanted some SPS frags. He definitely has a "Master's" variety of SPS. The system looks like a rainbow. Frags are mounted nicely and he even performed some on the spot clip and mount for me for some of the colonies that I saw and wanted that he did not have prepared (but only because he had just sold them, not because he is low in stock). When I manage to build my savings back up I will be back for more Greg! I had full polyp extension within literally 30 seconds - 2 minutes after putting the frags into my own system with my lights off, and this morning they are extended just as long (about 3 - 4 mm polyps on a 1 - 2" frag). Thank you very much for the fantastic deals, Coral Master!
Always happy with Greg's excellent service. A++.
Just stopped by Greg's house to pick up a few SPS frags and I have to say that the system he has going there is top notch! He has an AMAZING assortment of SPS corals and I recommend him to anyone in Calgary (or anyone willing to ship)! Other than that, he was friendly and sent me home with a few extra frags. Amazing service I'll post photos of everything once I get them in my tank.
Thank you Greg for the frags. Great quality and price. You definitely walk away with bigger frags than advertised and the few extra frags were a nice treat. I definitely recommend buying from Coral Master!
Hey Greg, unpacking my order as we speak, looks great! Very nice size frags, all arrived in great shape and color, and packing was awesome!
Just picked up my frags....there was a shipping delay by the courier company (not Gregs fault) which meant they were delayed a couple of days....they look GREAT! The frag size is excellent, the color even WITH the delay is good, and after their first 12 hours in my tank they have polyps out!!!!....I am very very very happy!!! Can't wait til the next order as you have many many nice corals! I am a very happy customer!
Just received my SPS frags from Coral Master today. I must say I am very pleased. They are nice looking frags and were packaged well. Snappy even threw in a freebie! (Thanks, Greg). I will definitely be ordering again.
Although they spent the day at the office the bags were still cool to the touch. Excellent packing job! I commend you on your packing and shipment. A1, thank you. So far everything looking good and PE to boot! I will update as thing progress and thanks for including the letter. Great idea!
The order I received from you today is happy and healthy in the tank now. Thanks to the great packaging, everything arrived safely and in excellent condition. The colors are incredible in the tank (I think better than on your site, sorry). I will be ordering again from you and once again, thank you.
Just wanted to say thanks for the great frags. Everything looked great when it arrived. Packaging was awesome, the water was at the perfect temp. Dealing with Greg is a pleasure and I would recommend anyone looking for top notch frags to check out his website. You won’t go wrong with anything you pick.
Thanks for the gsp's I got from you! they are doing great and will be growing up the back of my tank in no time. By the way you were very generous, thank you.
Thanks for the great Frag Pack you put together for me. A great number of frags for the money! Wonderful colours & great Polyp Extension right away! Well packaged, well labeled & arrived exactly perfectly on time.
I just want to thank Greg for the very nice frag pack he has put together for me. He makes being a newbie to SPS very easy. [Smile] And I got a lot of frags for the money. He even included a freebie. Shipping to my place (New-Brunswick) takes 2 days but the frags arrived in great shape thanks to the excellent job Greg did packaging my order. Some frags even had polyps extended in the bags. You can see that his corals are very healthy. If you're looking to buy some SPS frags, don't hesitate to call on Greg. Nice corals, nice price and nice guy to deal with too.
Greg's frags are top notch! Can't say enough good things about them. His pink birdnest with blue polyps has amazing color. For a great vendor--big thumbs up! Thank you Greg!
Greg is super nice, extremely knowledgeable, and has a fantastic set up. Can't go wrong with any purchase from him.
I ordered some frags as part of a group order from Greg. There were some issues in getting the box here on the part of the courier and I must say, Greg went above and beyond the call of duty to get the frags to me. After 3 days in shipping I was pleasantly surprised to receive the frags in healthy condition, all were triple bagged with enough air and water and floating on styrofoam so that they weren't damaged at all. This is a true testament to a great shipper.
Thanks again Greg. Everything is beautiful and the colors are great!!!
Package arrived. I am really impressed! The packaging was A+, corals look A++, and thank you for the extra bonuses. A+++ thanks a lot!
Well this was my second bunch of frags I ordered from Greg and I am as pleased as I was the first time if not more! Packaging was done very well, all frags look super nice. It's hard to wipe the smile off my face…...always a pleasure doing business with you Greg!
All I can say is WOW These frags are freaking primo!! They're just gorgeous! And the bonus "green sky" one, simply awesome!! Thank you so much!!!!
Thanks for the awesome package deal you gave me on those corals I recently got from you, the colours are fantastic and pricing was great. The zoos & other soft corals look really good and those sps you recommended are a great addition. I didn't realize how cool sps can be and now I love it.
Just got my second batch of frags from Greg. I can't say enough positive things about, well, the whole experience. Greg really knows his customer service, he knows his corals and man does he ever know how to package and ship corals properly (can we say brick outhouse?). Man I can't help but stare at my new corals, they're freakin’ gorgeous!!
OH YES!!!!! They are all fantastic!!!!! And my little one that you were worried about looks amazing...I am thrilled. This entire order is fantastic! All the corals look awesome, polyps are out, color is excellent! Well packed, well done! Sarah
I just came back from coral master, and I highly suggest that you, get over there and check out what frags he has, every color of the rainbow. I have just added numerous large frags, and the best piece of blue stag EVER! A true center piece. The frags are worth their weight in gold, thanks again.
Can never go wrong with Snappy, I picked up a nice larger piece of the Blue stag at the end of December, and it is looking great. All you have to do is ask for a color and Greg always seems to have at least a couple that fit what you are looking for. The teal Acro I got from Greg a while back is sweet if you’re looking for something with a lighter blue.
I have only had the pleasure of buying from Greg one time. Every frag arrived in perfect shape, (amazing packing) and every one still is alive and thriving in my tank.

Just got home and I'm acclimating the corals right now. All the corals have arrived safely and so far I don't see any problems with them. I have to say that I am quite impressed with the packaging, and care taking with the shipping. The frags look awesome! And thanks for the bonus frag! This has been my first succesful online frag purchase after a really bad experience with another vendor. So thanks again for the great customer service and great frags. Randolph in Winnipeg

The frags arrived safely and are all doing well, they are amazing pieces especially that green birdnest and Pocillopora are fantastic. Even as I was unpacking them I noticed their polyps were out, just amazing.
Next time I need corals, I'm going to you first. Many thanks! Troy, Lethbridge, AB
I ordered some frags as part of an Atlantic Canada group order and I just wanted to let you know that they arrived and look great! No signs of stress or anything. Shipped all the way across the country and they look like they just came out of the tank! And I must say I am very impressed with your packaging, you took the time to individually bag and sub-bag each persons order, and everything was double, triple, and quadruple bagged. Your offering an absolutely phenomenal product of good size at an absolutely great price, and we will most certainly be using you again. Thanks! Michael Lewis, Fredericton, NB
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